The Examination. Vigilance Test. Can you locate three individuals?


Are you someone who prides themselves on attentiveness? Well, put your attentiveness to the test with the following examination.

Remarkably, certain medical institutions utilize this very test to gauge an individual’s level of attentiveness.

The origin of this assessment can be traced back to an incident in an ophthalmologist’s office, where a patient observed a peculiar image on the wall and inquired, ”

…Why do these individuals appear so somber?…”


The doctor, initially perplexed by the question, sought clarification from the patient. In response, the patient elaborated, ”

…You see, in the picture, there are three figures— one of them seems quite melancholic, while the others exude an air of mystery…”

Surprisingly, the patient had identified three human-like figures in the picture, a revelation unbeknownst to the ophthalmologist who had displayed the image in his office for several years.

Intrigued, the doctor probed the patient about the location and appearance of these perceived individuals, only to realize that the image actually portrayed a commonplace rooster.

To illustrate, the patient pointed out where the three men were situated.

Upon closer inspection, the doctor too discerned the faces of three men in the image.

Subsequently, he commended the patient for their keen observation, labeling them as a remarkably attentive individual.

Now, the question is posed to you: Can you successfully navigate this attention test?

Can you pinpoint the concealed locations of the three individuals within this image?

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