The daughter claims there’s a dog in the image, yet we are unable to spot it. Where could it possibly be?


On the very first day of school, our daughter brought home a captivating puzzle given by her homeroom teacher, who, as usual, delighted the children with riddles, puzzles, and tests prepared throughout the summer.

Our daughter’s homeroom teacher is known for being kind and engaging, always introducing creative ways to entertain the children.

Interestingly, he places significant emphasis on various puzzles and riddles.


Here’s what our daughter brought home today—a seemingly ordinary picture of a clown.

Admittedly, the clown appears somewhat unsettling, as clowns tend to evoke more fear than amusement in children.

Upon initial inspection, there is only the clown in the picture, devoid of any other visible entities like animals or people.

The only exception is the cat’s head drawn on the clown’s costume. Surprisingly, our daughter insists she sees a dog in the picture.

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to discern the presence of a dog.

Can you decipher the solution and locate this elusive animal in the picture?

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