The animals can hear him, but they cannot see him. Can you spot the hunter in the picture?


Ever wondered why hunting season opens in the fall? It’s because animals and birds primarily reproduce in spring and summer.

The saying goes, “Let the game breed properly, accumulate fat, then you can hunt them. At least, it’s more humane this way!”

Another reason is the dense foliage on trees and bushes during the summer, making it challenging to spot animals or birds.

Today, a hunter decided to venture deep into the taiga to hunt deer during the summer period.

Encountering a herd of young deer, he faced a moral dilemma.

Considering them too young for humane hunting, the hunter opted for observation instead of reaching for his gun.

Can you locate the hunter in this picture? The correct answer will be revealed below, but challenge yourself first without peeking—it’s a good test for your vision.

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