Saved by volunteers, the horse, once neglected and near death, was now an award-winning horse…

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The volunteers of the British Horse Society were astonished when they stumbled upon a heart-wrenching scene.

What they saw was simply unbelievable. A neglected horse lay in the mud, barely alive and close to death!!!

The volunteers found the starving horse near a building in East Durham.

The poor pony named Heidi was in a miserable state, as if she had been discarded like trash to die in isolation.

The frightened volunteers thought they should give her a chance, even though there was little hope she could survive.

So they immediately called for help from the rescuers who took care of the dying horse at the shelter.

No one could imagine that the exhausted horse could show signs of recovery, although the rescue team did the impossible to keep Heidi alive.

But Heidi proved she is so strong and has a great will to overcome all the difficulties she encountered.

In fact, she made an incredible effort not only to survive but to fully recover.

It wasn’t until 5 weeks later that she could stand again. Heidi had serious health issues, and it took months of hard work to get the horse back on her feet.

Now she can run freely around the shelter grounds. After a year of care and medical treatment, Heidi looks completely different.

Her beautiful mane has grown back, she has regained her weight, and looks very cheerful and happy.

Now she is healthy and may have forgotten her miserable past. Heidi is even winning awards now.

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