“Optical illusion. Find the 7 differences in these postcards.”


Challenging us to identify distinctions between two similar images, these riddles push our concentration to its limits by engaging both our eyes and brains.

This is significant because mental training is as crucial as physical exercise.

Locating the differences can be a somewhat frustrating task, and this particular game is notably challenging.

A series of apparently identical photos all contain subtle differences, with some being nearly impossible to discern.

Now, try to find the differences in this image.

The solution is:

Shared by Playbuzz, the images portray classic scenes such as Big Ben, along with everyday environments.

The Playbuzz caption states: “They claim only geniuses can find them… do you feel intelligent?”

IQ, an abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient, gauges an individual’s reasoning ability.

Let’s move on to the second one. Identify the distinctions between these images.

The answer is:

In essence, this aims to evaluate how effectively someone can utilize information and logic to answer questions or make predictions.


IQ tests also assist in identifying students who may excel in accelerated educational programs.

Many universities utilize similar exams to IQ tests for student selection.

Do you believe you possess keen enough observation skills to spot the subtle differences between the images?

Brace your eyes, as it’s challenging. These spot-the-difference images have a surprise in store for you.

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