Discover the hidden rabbit within the image, a puzzle featured in my grandfather’s magazine.


We all cherish memories from various stages of our lives, with childhood moments standing out as particularly memorable.

One common recollection involves sitting with grandparents and other relatives, listening to their captivating stories.

These narratives, etched in our minds, often became sources of reflection, analysis, and imaginative exploration.

During one of our routine evening gatherings, my grandfather introduced me to a new puzzle from his magazine.

Although the exact name escapes me, I believe it was titled “Man and Law.”

The puzzle, crafted by the magazine’s artistic team, proved to be both intriguing and entertaining.

Proudly displaying the image to our guests, my grandfather took particular delight in playfully challenging our occasionally tipsy neighbors who sought financial assistance.

“Solve the puzzle,” he would declare, “and I’ll lend you a few bucks until payday. If not, tough luck.”

In my childhood, I quickly deciphered the puzzle, earning myself a trip to chat with the chickens and feed them.

My adeptness at puzzle-solving, notably faster than my grandfather’s, left him surprised.

Despite the inevitable half-hour stint in the chicken coop, I couldn’t hold any grudges, especially now, as many years have passed, and my grandfather is no longer with us.

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