Dare to prove your genius? See if you can spot the mistake in the image. Ready for the challenge?


The popularity of IQ tests and puzzles as a virtual entertainment source has surged in recent years, offering a enjoyable and healthy way to unwind.

Among these, “visual tests” stand out, providing practical tasks that can alleviate the mental strain of daily responsibilities.

These visual tests serve as an enjoyable and practical means to maximize our limited spare time.

In today’s article, we draw attention to a visual test centered on an illustration featuring an amazing yet not very obvious inaccuracy.

In the given time frame, only a few users have demonstrated the ability to complete the puzzle and identify the mistake.

As with any challenging visual puzzle, the difficulty lies in figuring them out, compounded by the added challenge of a time restriction.

This time limit often develops in a matter of seconds; in this case, you have five seconds to solve the visual task.

The reveal awaits when you’re ready.

And here it is. We hope you managed to solve it before reaching the reveal.

The error in the image is the absence of the shadow of the lady sitting on the bench, despite the sunlight coming from the right.

We trust you enjoyed unraveling this puzzle.

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