Can you identify the three distinctions between these two uncomplicated images within a 20-second timeframe?


Analyzing two nearly identical images and deciphering the solution to the task stands out as an excellent exercise for both your cognitive abilities and visual acuity.

Excitingly, we present to you this IQ test! Apart from sparking curiosity, engaging with optical illusions like this not only boosts cognitive function but also hones observational skills.


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In a bid to channel their minds towards more productive pursuits, many individuals actively seek out optical illusions online.

One noteworthy challenge is the “Optical Illusion.” If your vision is keen, you can discern the disparities between two photos in just twenty seconds.

Yes, you have precisely 20 seconds for this task! Between the two images presented, there are three distinctions.

Scrutinize the images carefully and attempt to pinpoint all of them.

We believe in your ability to accomplish this. Best of luck to our dear readers. Return to unveil the answers whenever you’re ready!

Here are the three distinctions you needed to find, circled in the provided image!

We trust it was a straightforward task for you to identify each one. We appreciate your visit and support.

Enjoy tackling more IQ tests and feel free to share them with your friends. Stay productive with us!

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