Vision test! Eight out of ten have made mistakes. What is truly observed in the image:


Visual Examination! Eight out of ten were mistaken. What is actually perceived in the picture:

Numerous social media users grapple with a vision challenge when confronted with an image that portrays an unexpected perspective.

A Facebook group witnessed widespread confusion as users mistakenly identified the contents of a photo as Lego bricks.

The photograph was captured by a Hangzhou-based photographer in the Zhejiang province of China, taken from a helicopter.

The misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that many viewers associated the image with Lego bricks.

To clear the confusion, the photographer clarified that the picture showcases numerous decommissioned buses stored in a restricted area.

The image garnered widespread attention on the internet, with only a handful of individuals able to promptly discern the true subject.

This same photographer has skillfully captured other noteworthy landmarks in the region, presenting them in a creative light.

One such gem is a private garden in China, nestled in the historic Nashi district, known as the “Garden of Joy,” enjoying global acclaim.

Enthusiasts worldwide harbor a desire to visit this renowned garden.

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