The individual depicted in the picture is accompanied. You have a mere 13 seconds to fulfill the assignment!


Embark on this intriguing IQ test, where your mission involves pinpointing the child within the image.

Yes, the woman depicted is not alone; there is also a child present.

Visual assessments like this one are gaining popularity as a source of entertainment in the digital era, enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

This particular visual test aims to gauge our ability to concentrate and observe.

To unravel this challenge, meticulous attention to detail and a sharp eye are essential.

Despite potential distractions by seemingly unrelated elements, we are confident that with ample concentration, you will successfully spot the child!

Be sure to closely scrutinize the image, assessing as much as possible in a short span.

Remember, you have only 13 seconds to complete the task. We wish you success.

Check out the solution below when you’re ready!

And there it was all along. Rest assured, this served as an excellent mental workout for your mind and brain.

Feel free to explore more entertaining tests with us.

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