Riddle Challenge: Can you discern the whereabouts of the lady, the companion of this gentleman, within the image?


Physical culture and sports play a crucial role in modern society, serving as key elements for maintaining and enhancing people’s health, fostering cultural development, facilitating communication, promoting active leisure, and providing a healthy alternative to harmful habits and addictions.

The sport of tennis, known for its vigorous activity, has a long history, with people in England, Italy, and France engaging in the game since the 13th century.

In our country, an equivalent to tennis and baseball could be identified as “lapta.”

Moving on to our puzzle.

In an attempt to impress a lady, Arthur, a middle-aged man (45-50 years old), invited her to play tennis in the city of Bristol, England.

It’s important to note that this event occurred during the 13th-14th centuries, a successful period for such activities.

While Arthur was warming up by hitting the ball against the wall, little did he know that his partner had already arrived at the court and was prepared to play.

The challenge now is to identify the location of the girl, Arthur’s partner, in the picture.

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