Les antilopes peuvent être vues par tout le monde, mais tout le monde ne comprendra pas où se trouvent les quatre chasseurs sur la photo.


Some time before the New Year holidays, four African friends gathered for a hunt.

The thing is, they needed to stock up on meat, as their families’ supplies had already run out.

It was convenient for the men to hunt in a group of four because they had developed their own tactics.

The first of them would circle the herd of animals from the front, in the direction where the rest of them, his three friends, would drive them.

As a result, one or two animals would fall into the trap of the first hunter.

Today, luck awaited the guys, as they encountered a herd of antelopes on their way.

These horned beauties are found not only in the savannas of Africa.

Some species of antelope are found in the steppe expanses of Central Asia, Europe (the Caucasus, the Alps), India, North and South America.

Sneaking up unnoticed to one antelope is a very difficult task. These animals almost never stay alone.

They live in peculiar family herds, which allows them to observe almost the entire surrounding area.

So our friends immediately scared away their prey.

So, where are they, the four hunters in this picture?

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