“Just an illusion,” declared the father. “I won’t entrust my daughter to you.” Where does the mother-in-law fit into this picture?


Frequently, situations arise where parents oppose their children’s marriages, and the outcomes of such scenarios are unpredictable, given the uniqueness of each situation.

In this particular instance, a young man named Matvey visited to meet his beloved, Polina.

Unbeknownst to her mother, Polina had been secretly meeting Matvey every day at a location known as “the cliff.”

Polina’s mother disapproved of Matvey, citing the financial disparity between their families as the usual reason.

On this day, Matvey decided to formally propose to Polina.

He purchased a ring, arranged for flowers, and began to address his beloved when he heard Polina’s mother scream.

The mother vehemently declared that she would never allow her daughter to marry a poor man.

Despite hearing her scream distinctly, Matvey couldn’t see her and was puzzled about her whereabouts.

So, the puzzle question arises: where is Polina’s mother, Matvey’s future mother-in-law?

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