Determine the culprit responsible for stealing the watermelon from the group. How quickly can you unravel this puzzle?


Can you transform into a detective and apprehend a thief? Attempt to solve this visual puzzle and discern the guilty party from the four individuals presented.

The image depicts each person holding something round and weighty, but only one is actively trying to take a watermelon.

Engage in this challenge and test your observational skills. Many internet users find such visual puzzles intriguing.

To uncover the culprit, apply logical-deductive reasoning, focusing on the minutest details that may lead to the solution.

Who, in your opinion, is attempting to pilfer the watermelon?

Provide your response without referring to the solution, and only compare it at the end.

Among the four, only one is making a discreet attempt to steal the massive watermelon without raising suspicion, and a specific detail points to the identity of the thief.

In your analysis, what detail stands out as crucial in solving the puzzle? When you’re ready, see the reveal below!

If you’ve followed along, you’ve likely identified the watermelon thief. If not, scroll down to uncover the answer.

The man exerting excessive effort, as evident in the accompanying image where the watermelon is distinct from the soccer ball, is the perpetrator.

Did you correctly pinpoint the man as the culprit? Keep honing your skills and challenging your intellect for the next intriguing puzzle.

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